ABB's NABBA 2017 Performance of "Metropolis 1927" by Peter Graham

ABB National Anthem Performance at the Philadelphia Phillies

Recorded by the Phillies Marketing Department

ABB's NABBA 2016 Performance of "Music of the Spheres" by Philip Sparke

Recorded by Box 5


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Recording Projects

Making of Metropolis- Track 1

Overture to a Fanfare - Dave Slonaker

Narrated by Salvatore Scarpa (Musical Director)

Making of Metropolis- Track 2

The Day Thou Gavest- Philip WIlby

Narrated by Jack Deal (Flugelhorn)

Making of Metropolis- Track 3

Glorious Ventures by Peter Graham

Narrated by Dr. Bryan Appleby-Wineberg (Principal cornet)


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Other Projects

Amy's Brass Band

The Making of a Children's Book

In a brass band first, Principal Euphonium Dr. Amy Schumaker Bliss has written and published a children's book about brass bands!

Preparing for Competition- Behind the Scenes

One Band


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